SGT Digital Media Solution

There are three components:

1. Shuffle Marketing Solution

SGT Digital Media and Elify have joined forces to provide a Marketing Solution that helps meet your Business needs no matter how big or small both Online and Offline.

Shuffle is a complete Mobile Marketing Solution helping you build your brand and share your message. Watch your business grow using our virtual card technology that creates mobile sales / landing pages for any Business, product or service.


Track viewer activity and engagement with your virtual cards and optimise your messaging with real time performance analytics & statistics. CRM based application connecting you to your prospects.


Communicate easily, effectively and efficiently with your team on a daily, weekly, monthly basis all within the application.

2. Navigate System

This “State Of The Art” WordPress / Elementor duplicatable website is branded to an individual, created in seconds and is all you need to know about a particular Business in one place.


Hosted, supported and updated regularly for the user, it’s the best and only way to keep you and your team up to date on a daily basis.


Containing your personal links and the latest information about your Online / Offline Business opportunity, Navigate is the only thing that you need to share with somebody via one simple link. Stop sending multiple links, multiple YouTube videos, various PDFs or emails to your prospects.


Look professional, save time and share everything about the Company, Comp Plan, Backoffice, Training, Social Media, News, Events, FAQs, T&Cs all from the one location.


Easily scale your Business to the next level.

3. Digital Content and Support Services

SGT Digital Media can provide the following services:


Social Media Management :
Facebook Group
Facebook Page
YouTube Channel


Video Creation


Logo Creation


Compliance Management and Style Guide


Creation of Advanced Shuffle Marketing Content (Development Access)


Website Development


  • Low Cost Solutions
  • Fully Integrated CRM
  • Easy To Create Lead / Capture Pages
  • Sales Funnel With Campaign
  • Lead Generation Capture
  • Professional Look And Feel
  • Secure SSL
  • Team / Group Communication
  • Response & Analytics


  • Support Business Compliance
  • Target Audience:
    Team Builders / Influencers
  • Works Across All Technologies And Software:
    Desktop / Laptop and Mobile Devices
    Windows and MAC OS
    Application on both IOS and Android
  • Improve Time Poor Experience
  • Residual Income Opportunity

SGT Digital Media

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