Introducing Navigate Shuffle

There are two components:


In simple terms the Navigate System is a duplicated web site, branded to you. It has all your personal links and contains all the latest information about your Online Business that you need to share with somebody via one single URL. Stop sending multiple links, multiple YouTube videos, various PDFs or emails to your prospects. 


Look professional, save time and share everything about the Company,  Comp Plan, Backoffice, Training, Social Media, News, Events, FAQs, T&Cs all from the one location.

Navigate Example – Click Here


Shuffle is a complete Mobile Marketing Solution helping you build your brand and share your message. Watch your business grow using our virtual card technology that creates mobile sales / landing pages for any Business,  product or service.


Track viewer activity and engagement with your virtual cards and optimise your messaging with real time performance analytics & statistics.


Communicate easily, effectively and efficiently with your team on a daily, weekly, monthly basis all within the application.

Shuffle Card Example – Click Here

How Does It Work



What We Offer


With Navigate Shuffle we pride ourselves on providing a stable, easy to use system that rewards you for your efforts.


Whether you are new to the Online world or a pro, we offer you state of the art Marketing tools and systems to help you achieve greatness.


Integrate our system into yours and get your own end to end marketing system branded to your Business and unleash the power to your people.


Get regular updates from the Navigate Shuffle team plus learn with our leaders through following the steps they take to be successful.

Are You A Team Builder / Influencer ?

Potential To Earn


We want to incentivise the true entrepreneur who works hard, love to build big and help their teams succeed.  Depending on the Business, its size and your ability to bring the masses we are prepared to share some of the profits on a monthly basis.


Boost your income potential by becoming an Shuffle Affiliate. Earn on your direct referrals and network referrals for a full six degrees of separation. Affiliates earn rewards on both individual upgrade and activation fees as well as any related subscription fees on all services for the life of a referrals subscription.


Add Residual Income per month to your bank account

Earnings Structure

Affiliate can earn rewards to 6 levels:


Level 1 = 10%

Level 2 = 8%

Level 3 = 15%

Level 4 = 5%

Level 5 = 5%

Level 6 = 8%


There is NO Binary,  NO Matrix.

Earnings are based on referrals per level.

Income - Example Only

The examples below includes:

  • Focus on Four – 4 referrals per person across each of your 6 levels.
  • The Shuffle subscription price has been discounted 50% from $20 RRP to $10 per month.


Disclaimer: Results not typical. Proof of income is not a guarantee you would earn the same, but would be possible to earn this and more with equal or greater strategy and work ethic.

Residual Income Based On 10
Level 1 Subscribers

Residual Income Based On 50
Level 1 Subscribers

Residual Income Based On 100
Level 1 Subscribers

Residual Income Based On 500
Level 1 Subscribers

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