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Scott Webb and Grant Rutley are just two open and honest Aussie guys who pride themselves on Adding Value and Solving Problems.

The Aussies provide high quality systems, tools and solutions as their number 1 priority. 

Their combined 20 years of experience has given them a vast understanding of how hard it can be to be a successful Online Entrepreneur. 

They themselves have lived the many ups and downs of this ruthless Online world and are here to help you on your journey.

Whether its help with Marketing, Social Media, Video Creation, Cryptocurrency , they can help your Business advance to the next level. 

Scott Webb – CEO & Founder

Age 41 Lives in The Surfing capital of the world Margaret River Western Australia, Living Life to the full, pushing all boundary’s and helping my 3 Children achieve there goals. 

I’m a sports fan love AFL, Motorsport, Basketball and Surfing. My working back ground is the building industry self employed for 20 years. The first taste of the marketing world was the age of 19 but followed my family in the construction industry. 

Post GFC 2008 I could see there was a need to diversify and the Online world looked to be the future for Business. Moving forward I began to realise the only people that would help anyone in this industry are the ones who could make money from you, by paying for a services but never seeing the results. I have always been one to help others in what ever I am involved in. My goal is to help as many everyday people just like you and I achieve there goals Online.

Grant Rutley – CEO & Founder

With over three Decades of experience in IT Technologies and Management Grant is passionate about providing quality tools and systems that deliver to its stakeholders. Understanding the requirements, completing successful end to end testing and ensure support is in place  ongoing is imperative. This all drives a positive user experience and provides quality platforms to help people succeed on a day to day basis Online.

Adding value and solving problems is integral to the SGT Business model. 

Grant is married a second time with five children and soon to become a Grandfather. Family, friends, sport and having fun are a key focus for Grant.

SGT Digital Media

Address: PO Box 3228 Carlton, Victoria,3053

Phone: +61 418 152 487

Contact: grant@sgtdigitalmedia.com

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